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Shoppers enjoy safe and secure shopping

At Inspirational art we feel it’s important to offer security and privacy to shoppers because we care about the safety of your credit card transaction over the Internet. The order form is SSL encrypted and transferred to our secure access server hosted by Root Automation. Inspirational Art retrieves your orders via an SSL encrypted login.  At no time is your credit card information passed over the Internet unsecured.

Regular pages before you enter the order form are not encrypted.  This is not necessary at these pages because you are not sending private information.

Security warnings may be issued by the browser on these pages that you are changing from a non-secure page to a secure page.


In Inspirational Art Prints and Cards

1) Click to add a print or card to the cart to add an item to your shopping cart.

2) When ready to view what is in your cart and make changes click view shopping cart

3) You can them make changes to the quantity of the items, remove items, or click on clear cart to remove all of the items.

4) Click on the Checkout button to continue with checking out.

5) Fill in information required and click it is then sent SSL protocol to Root Automation

A page will come up for you to print for your records


For more information on Inspirational, Religious,
or Portrait paintings, prints or cards, contact Mary at:
Tel: 530-475-0373

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