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of People and Animals
by Mary Crittenden

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A Boy And His Dog

A Boy And His Dog

Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"

In painting this portrait Mary had to take pictures of the dog and boy separate as the dog wasnít very cooperate as he wanted to play with the and his ears would go back when asked to sit.  So I had to design the painting adding shadows to make it look like they were together.



Baseball Practice

Oil on Canvas
20" x 16"

This is more than a portrait, more than an original painting, more than an illustration.  Itís an heirloom that tells a story, keeps a memory alive and is to passed down from one generation to another.  We all have those special pictures that have memories they are kept in albums and are brought out every once in a while.  We also have paintings that are pretty and look nice with the furniture.  Maryís desire is to paint memories that tell a story that are part of our lives, more than pretty pictures. Instead of being in an album they are shared, seen and enjoyed by many people.





24" x 30"

More Portraits

Estimated Cost

  • Head & Shoulders
    18" x 24"                                           $1,500

  • 3/4 Figure includes hands
    24" x 30" 30" x 36"                            $2,500

  • Full Figure most of body included       $5,000

  • Add 50% of the base fee for each additional subject
Special quotes given for portraits of three or more people; Quotes given for pets alone, large pets, ie: horses; Pets can usually be added for $50.00 per pet.
All travel, lodging framing and shipping expenses are in addition to the prices listed above.
Crittenden works from both personal sittings and photographs. She prefers to photograph the subject herself, using her camera to record impressions and poses. She sends a sketch to the client for approval of composition before beginning the portrait. At the time of deliverance, if possible, a personal sitting is sceduled for any final touches or minor changes to ensure client's complete satisfaction.
Crittenden's specialty is creating portraits from old photographs requesting copies done from the photos in different sizes, using information about color of hair, eyes and clothes. She likes to get as much information about the time and the people so she can express not only a likeness, but, paint it as if she were there.

For more information, contact Mary at:
Tel: 530-475-0373